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Stefano Duetagli (a penname) was born in the small, southern town in which the book is set and worked a variet . . .

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We are on the cusp of the Anthropocene Era. People have two choices. Retrench into old modes of thought and become intellectually extinct or embrace the challenges we face and become a force for positive change. I love good conversation and debate. Twitter is a character-limited vehicle requiring terse and concise communication. So much the better. There are those who will be challenged and wish to challenge the premises of this book. Disagreement and debate are the two frictional forces that yield a new synthesis. But I will not respond to unrestrained thrusts of ignorance. For those who enjoyed the book and find the subject matter uplifting, please feel free to extend my knowledge by challenging things you feel I may have gotten wrong. For those who disagree with the basic premises, I ask only that challenges be well thought out and worthy of debate. And please be patient. I may not be able to answer immediately, but I will answer all respectful communiques from all sides.